Generations of Families

Auberry started like most foothill towns with a general store and café, a blacksmith, and a bar, remnants of which are visible today.  The name Auberry is the incorrect spelling of the phonetically mispronounced Al Yarborough.


Auberry is home to generations of families who continue to contribute to its famous history through hard work, community collaboration, and a commitment to keeping our mountain communities economically resilient and vibrant.


Recently, a group of concerned citizens has banded together to discuss ideas about how to keep our mountain communities independent and resilient against outside economies. We've engaged Fresno State University to help us revitalize an Auberry that represents our town values and "unique" lifestyles. We're proud to partner with the College of Social Sciences and the Department of Water & Sustainability to create a long-term solution to the challenges we face as a rural mountain community.

We are in the early planning stages and wish to engage all interested community members in various subcommittees to work toward our revitalization goals.

Subcommittees include: Finance/Funding, Communications/Media, School Relationships, Business Development and more.

100% UNIQUE &


Designing an Auberry we love should reflect our town's values. The people who have chosen to call Auberry and its surrounding communities home are proud, hard-working, and full of unique characters. And we love it that way.


It's time to create a sustainable and long-lasting "Our Towns" for future generations to cherish and enjoy, the way we have. Let's set them up for long-term success. 


32968 Auberry Road

Auberry, CA 93602



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