It’s Time to Revitalize Our Towns

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Have you ever driven through your home town and thought “Where did it go?!” If so…you’re not alone.

We’d like to hear your voice

On November 15th the steering committee for Revitalizing Auberry is asking all interested former and current members of Auberry and its surrounding communities to join us for a “meeting of the minds.” Bring your ideas, passion, and commitment to future generations in having a lasting and positive impact. It’s time to leave apathy and detachment at the barn door.

These towns are the backdrops of our lives

Many of us learned how to live or die on these winding roads. Those who are lucky carry the weight of the few until it’s time for us to meet again. Missing someone is our flatline. Love and loss began under these warm nights and moonlit skies, sometimes before the age of sixteen. If, we were lucky.

Sitting on tailgates kicking our feet to the rhythm of Earth’s spin was our starting point. Falling in love with someone next to us was a given. An honest smile, a good country song, and a warm hand, was all we ever needed. Well, that and the old Auberry town parade (and raid!) to cheer us all up.

For better or worse

Many of us drove each other to endless second guesses and a few stints in a straight-jacket. Later in life, we’d regret not doing better by each other, if for nothing else, our shared common ground. Whether we liked it or not, we grew up together, and many of us are still here. And we are lucky.

We’ve always excelled when faced with a challenge and we face one now. Our town has disappeared. It’s been unrecognizable for a long time. The same town our parents helped us sense snakes in the grass, or a hungry mountain lion from two football fields away, and how to care for all living things through a common respect for nature. People from our town love harder than most in the worst of circumstances and we never back down without a fight.

We are this town and it’s time to take it back

We’ll provide the drinks and snacks: You bring your open-mind, A-game, and appreciation for collaboration with like-minded people. If you’d like to see an Auberry past generations would be proud of, please join us for an evening of solutions and partnerships. It’s time to make our voices heard and breathe new life into Our Town.

The open-community event will be held at the Church of the Nazarene at the corners of Frazier and Auberry Roads from 5:30-7pm. Please RSVP to Tami Jones at (760) 815-6280 or stop by the Freight Station and talk to Courtney Burke. All stakeholders are welcome.

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