Revitalize Auberry and Strategic Partnerships

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

The team at Revitalize Auberry has been working hard for these foothill communities. Though we've been somewhat sidelined with community events as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, we are still operating at full-speed ahead - within the recommended six-feet distance, of course.

Our first, and most important, efforts have been to connect with our community members, reconnect with our collective identity, and work together towards a better future for all. With your help, we've discovered how much talent, resilience, and generosity remains in these communities.

We sincerely appreciate each and every one of you who has offered your time, services, and encouragement. You are the reason we continue to 'show up' every day.

Some of you may have noticed an Our Towns article published on March 12th about the "new" tenants of the old Auberry Mill site. The agency is the Sierra Resource Conservation District and they've offered to help us tackle some of our most challenging issues. One of which is fiscal sponsorship, eliminating our need to manage our own 501 (c) (3), and allowing us to access government funds for revitalization efforts, sooner rather than later.

The agency's mission is to meet the present and future needs of local land users. Some of these initiatives include partnering with local stakeholders (California Conservation Corps, CalFire, USDA, Revitalize Auberry, and more) to help with wildfire mitigation, forest restoration, watershed management, renewable energy production, soil and agricultural diversification, and community building, to name a few.

Our comprehensive strategy crosses many borders with these agencies, as we focus on the longterm sustainable health for our people and the foothill communities. This encompasses community building, economic vitality, and the protection of our natural resources for the enjoyment of generations to come.

We've recently partnered with the Sierra Resource Conservation District to bring our collective initiatives to the forefront of public knowledge and participation. Currently, at the old mill site the SCRD is using wood chips and walnut shells to create electricity through a gasification process and stored energy.

The team is also able to create biochar (a charcoal residue) as a byproduct from the biomass. Through a heating process called pyrolysis, carbon is stored in the organic matter and can be used to improve soil fertility, water retention, and air quality.

Their actions are not only helping the surrounding areas manage and mitigate wildfire risk from the dead trees in our forests, but they're also helping to create renewable energies to meet the demands of our state's environmental policies.

We know that living in the state of California can present challenges to communities like ours, not least of all the bureaucracy and barriers to 'common sense' solutions to our unique problems. For better or worse, as long as we choose to stay, we believe it's our duty to make the best out of uncertain situations.

It should also be noted that our current District 5 Supervisor, Nathan Magsig and his team, are big proponents of our combined efforts and after many discussions, meetings, and continued communications, we feel strongly that the office respects the unique challenges we face and they are in full support of our efforts.

The Revitalize Auberry team, in partnership with community members and leaders at the Auberry Volunteer Fire Department, California Conservation Corps, Sierra Resource Conservation District, business leaders, and the general public, are moving our initiatives forward for the betterment of our community.

As we work on behalf of our collective efforts, please know that we continue to listen to your valuable input and we look forward to working with you again soon! In the meantime, please keep yourselves and your families safe.

Please call Cortney Burke at (559) 855-8222 or Tami Jones at (559) 890-1022 if you'd like to reach out or have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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