Thank You, Community!

What can we say? We live in the best community in the world.

When we started this crazy journey to try to help these foothill communities become more resilient to outside influences, and for longterm sustainability with the values we all hold dear to our hearts, we had no idea what to expect from the community. You could have told us that we were insane or never showed up to that first meeting at all, leaving us to wonder if we were, in fact, insane. But you didn't, and more of you showed up than we knew what to do with.

This past Saturday, you did it again. We worked alongside each other, some of us meeting for the first time, some of us seeing each other after a long time. Regardless, we accomplished something great. Together.

We were able to measure each other's work ethic and commitment to our towns. Seeing long time community members driving tractors, cutting down dead trees, and hauling propane tanks out of the creek, all on their own free time, was something to see.

Partnering with organizations like the Auberry Volunteer Fire Department, the CCC, and opening communication between our community and Fresno County, was priceless. It was just as important to see newer residents reaching out.

Through this incredible community spirit, and by utilizing our strengths, we believe anything is achievable. We think the best message gathered from this past Saturday's cleanup of Auberry is that it was a reflection of our collective character. It is through this spirit of unity that creativity flourishes and new nations have been born.

We can't thank you enough for not only your teamwork and support, but for your commitment to the towns we live in. You really helped this community in ways that may never be measured and provided benefits for everyone who lives and passes through this beautiful town. Your hearts and your service will long outlive this message.

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