Wyatt Warrior Society to Host Athletic Events

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

For two years, Revitalize Auberry has pursued its mission to support rural initiatives that enrich the lives of all foothill and mountain community residents. Now, we're excited to lend our support to an organization called Wyatt Warrior Society whose mission is to empower and advocate for the underserved populations in the foothill and mountain communities of the Sierra Nevadas by creating a lasting legacy for future generations through education, athletics, and community service.

The non-profit was started this year by daughter of Kenny Wyatt, Tawny Lavell, of Cold Springs Rancheria. Her vision has been to connect the Native American tribes and communities-at-large through her father, and his friends', commitment to connection through sports. Ken Wyatt passed away last October and Wyatt Warrior Society is holding three sporting events in September, October, and November in his honor.

The Wild Turkey Classic Softball tournament will be held at Foothill Elementary School on September 11th & 12th. Sierra High School will host the Legends & Legacies Basketball tournament on October 9th & 10th, with a sponsorship banquet being held on Friday, October 8th at Meadow Lakes Apple Company for all of the generous donors who help make these events possible. The Auberry Town parade will be held the morning of the 9th, so bring your lawn chairs and get settled early on SJ&E! The Kenny Wyatt Birthday Memorial Horseshoe Tossing event will be held in November. Date and time TBD.

Legends & Legacies is a tribute to all of the wonderful people who have connected our communities through their love of connection through athletics. this year's honorees are Kenny Wyatt, Merritt Gilbert, Beaver Bill, Brian Bill, Travis Coleman, Jeff Lee, Morris Lee, Tim Foster, and Vance Fleming. All have recently passed but they left lasting legacies to generations of families and children in our areas by reaching "across aisles" and breaking down barriers through their support of all student-athletes in our communities. Their work lives on through their grateful families, and communities.

Please support Wyatt Warrior Society by visiting their website at www.wyattwarriorsociety.org for ways to contribute to their important mission. All proceeds will go towards scholarships, equipment and uniforms, and sports facility upgrades for our student-athletes in the foothill and mountain communities. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

This cause is inclusive for all individuals in our foothill and mountain communities, regardless of skin color, ethnicity, tribe, or otherwise. It means a lot to us at Revitalize Auberry because Wyatt Warrior Society's intent is to bring our communities closer together, rather than splitting us apart, which is so common in today's "state of affairs." As we know, it takes each one of us to be the change we wish to see in the world. Thank you for your consideration and support.

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